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“Korak od sedam milja” (“A Seven Mile Step”), Branko’s 1981 article in Start (no 319, 14. 4.1981), a widely read Croatian monthly, on Idoli, Elektricni Orgazam and Sarlo Akrobata, three bands who defined the Belgrade sound of the 80s.
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“Nebeska Tema” (“Celestial Theme”), Nebojsa Pajkic and Branko’s 1982 milestone Dzuboks interview with Idoli, a seminal Belgrade band, ahead of the release of their “Odbrana and poslednji dani” album, widely regarded as a masterpiece, the best and the most influential recording in Yugoslavia in the 80s. Nebojsa’s and Branko’s article correctly predicted the impact the record would have and has become one of key texts studied by the generations of journalists who followed. (Dzuboks no 134,12.2.1982)
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“Idoli: druga Faza” (“Idoli: Phase 2”), Branko’s 1982 Start (no 348, 22. 5.1982) article on “Odbrana and Poslednji dani”
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At the beginning of every year, Dzuboks ran the Annual Critic’s Choice – year’s top bands, recordings, new artists etc, as voted by a number of journalists, usually selected by Branko. The nominations for 1980, 1981 and 1982 are shown below.
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In its 143rd issue of 7th March 1990, Pop-Rock, a Yugoslav music monthly, ran a critics’ vote for the best Yugoslav R&R record of the 1980s. “Odbrana i Poslednji Dani”, the Idoli record Branko wrote so much about, came top of the list. The scans below show the actual magazine page, as well as the original score sheet (never published before) from Voja Pantic's private archive, with Branko’s name clearly visible
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